Sugaring & Waxing

Sugaring 100% Pure & Natural with no chemical additives to irritate. Sugar is gentler, with pain and discomfort considerably lower than waxing. It is applied lukewarm with no danger of burning, so any redness disappears quickly. Sugar only sticks to dead skin & hair; it will not remove live skin cells, exfoliating as it removes hair leaving skin silky smooth. Hair is removed in the direction of growth so it does not break off. It retards the growth of hair and can lead to permanency by removing hair at the anagen (growing) stage. Sugaring is more sanitary as it does not allow bacteria to grow. Sugar paste is water-soluble, cleanup is quick & it does not damage clothing.

Waxing For those who prefer traditional waxing, our highly experienced technicians provide excellent service.

Lip $10
    with chin or brow $15
Chin $10
    with chin or brow $15
Brow $10
    with chin or brow $15
Full Face $25
Under Arm $25
Half Arm $25
Full Arm $35
Bikini $25
Brazilian $40
Half Leg $30
     with bikini $45
Full Leg $45
     with bikini $65
   Nose $10
Back $35
     with chest $60
Chest $35
     with back $60