We Have Exciting News!

Greetings to everyone!

As with the change in the new year, there will also be changes to the Leslie McCallum Salon. After almost 15 years of being the salon coordinator, it is time for me to pass the baton to the younger, more energetic generation. I have been blessed to have built a very successful business and have grown relationships with amazing people. This could not have happened without my faith and the people that I have had in my life to support and celebrate with me through my trials and triumphs.

In the first days of next year, Rikki Stromberg and Leah Berry will be taking over the salon. With these changes, they will be changing the name, but little else. The stylists (including myself!) and Vicky Semelhack with her Healing Touch, will remain the same. The great service will continue as always!

Just a note-due to the changeover, gift certificates to The Leslie McCallum Salon will need to be used by December 29. Soon, gift certificates under the new salon name will be available for purchase for the holiday season.

I am very excited about these changes. With the two young, creative and driven women that are taking over, it is sure to be a success!